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from the  Santa Fe Reporter, July 2007:
Time Travel
photographic exposition at the First National Bank
124 W. Palace Ave.,Santa Fe, New Mexico 
When some people travel to foreign countries they try to get locals to photograph them, smiling and in shorts, in front of temples and other exotic locations to prove to the neighbors back in the ’burbs that they were really there. Randy Getty, on the other hand, proves that he was there by photographing the area with such reverence and skill that the man behind the camera disappears into his subjects. A true master, traveling around Asia by motorcycle and cargo truck he goes where others fear to go, skillfully dodging geese, chickens, ox carts and elephants while pursuing his wanderlust. His show titled Time Travel  takes you to a distant galaxy of humanity far far away. Don't miss it!
No reception; through July 13, 2007

from THE ALIBI WEEKLY (of Albuquerque, New Mexico): 2004 inagural photo contest: 
 Randy Getty's sinister black and white photograph of cottonwoods in the Bosque came to us mounted on an attractive wood frame. One of the most original entries we received, it gets an honorable mention in our “Mama Nature in New Mexico” category.


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